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Synthetic Star Rubiessynthetic star rubies

Synthetic (i.e. Lab-made / Man-made) star rubies jump out as way too perfect looking, i.e. a perfect star, a super clean stone, and great color. If you run into any such stone, be sure to ask for a Reputed Gem Laboratory certificate. Synthetic Star Rubies are sometimes also referred to as "Lindy Star Rubies". Lindy Star Rubies were manufactured en masse by the Lindy division of Union Carbide from the 1950s to the 1970s. Since then artificial star rubies have been made in Southeast Asia. A Lindy (sometimes spelled Linde) has an ‘L’ stamped on the bottom of the stone, though other synthetics do not.



We have provided information on this page with the sole aim of making our customers aware of synthetic star rubies. We, at The Star Ruby Shop, support only Natural and Untreated Gemstones and hence we do not sell heated, lead-filled, recrystallised, flux-filled, diffused, beryllium treated or synthetic gemstones. Whatever may be your preference, please emphasize on certificate from a reputed gemological laboratory to confirm the natural origin of any gemstone you purchase and to be sure that no treatments have been performed on it.


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