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Picture of the Star of Bharany Rubythe star of bharany ruby

Weighing 27.62 carats, the Star of Bharany Ruby is one of the world’s finest Star Rubies set in a ring. Renowned for its color and well-defined star, it was held by the Indian gem dynasty, House of Bharany, for an undisclosed number of years. Before being acquired for the Louis XV World Famous Gem Collection, the House of Bharany set the stone in this 18K gold and Diamond ring.


The Ideal Star Ruby?
The “Star of Bharany Ruby” has a rare combination of purplish-red color with a fairly distinct 6-rayed star which possibly makes it one of the finest star rubies in the world, that almost approaches the status of an “ideal star ruby.”


History of Star of Bharany Ruby
The “Star of Bharany Ruby” gets its name from the previous owners of this rare and unique gemstone, the House of Bharany, renowned dealers and collectors of antique jewelry, textiles, arts and artifacts and curios, based in New Delhi, India. The “Star of Bharany Ruby” was in the possession of the “House of Bharany” for at least three generations. The Bharany family had not disclosed how they came into possession of this world class ruby, and the source of the ruby is unknown. However, some striking features of the stone, particularly its dark purplish-red color and the fairly distinct 6-rayed star indicates its possible origin. The stone being over a hundred years old, there were only two countries in the world at that time, that produced star rubies with perfect stars, due to their high rutile content. These countries were Burma (Myanmar) and Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Rubies produced in Burma were generally dark-red and those produced in Sri Lanka were generally lighter in color, such as pinkish-red or reddish-pink. Thus the dark-red color of the ruby, excludes Sri Lanka as a possible source. Therefore, the most probable source is Burma.


The Setting
The House of Bharany that owned the world class star ruby, got it set by its craftsmen, as the centerpiece of an 18k gold ring, surrounded by a layer of 24 smaller round brilliant-cut diamonds. The exquisitely crafted piece of jewelry was then acquired by the renowned Arizona-based jewelry store, the House of Louis XV, which added it to their world famous gem collection. The House of Louis XV has priced this unique piece of jewelry at $33,000. Being a natural star ruby with desirable characteristics, and a history of over 100 years associated with it, the “Star of Bharany Ruby” is indeed worth much more than its marked price.


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