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Star Ruby. The undisputed ruler in the fascinating world of gemstones. One of the most charming, fascinating and remarkable creations of nature. At, learn everything about this splendid gemstone...

A ring mounted with a star rubyabout star rubies

Star Rubies are beautiful gemstones that display a six-ray star that seems to glide magically across the surface of the gem when the latter is moved. This six-ray star is caused due to an optical phenomena known as "Asterism". The term "Asterism" is derived from the Greek word "aster", which means star, so asterism is commonly referred to as "star" or "star-effect". In simple words, asterism is a star-shaped light effect across the surface of gems. Other popular gemstones that display asterism are Star Sapphire, Star Rose Quartz, Star Garnet, Star Diopside, Star Moonstone, Star Spinel and Star Opal.


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More about Star Rubies on the Star Ruby Info page. Check out famous star rubies... the Delong Star Ruby, the Rosser Reeves Ruby, the Midnight Star Ruby and  the Star Bharany Ruby. Visit The Star Ruby Shop, to purchase loose star rubies, ruby cabochons, faceted rubies, star sapphires, and more. All Guaranteed Natural and Untreated. 




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